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Please fill out the following information:

  Property Type: Single Family   Town Home   Condo
  County: Salt Lake   Utah   Davis   Weber
  Price Range: <$100k   $100-$150k
$150-$250k   $250k+
  Minimum # of Bedrooms: 1 bed   2 beds   3 beds   4+ beds
  Minimum # of Baths: 1 bath   2 baths   3 baths  4+ baths
  How would you rate your credit: Excellent (720+)   Good (660-719)
Fair (600-659)   Bad (less than 600)

Household annual income:

  Have you purchased or owned a home in the last 3 years: Yes  No
  Have you taken a Home Buying Class: Yes  No
  Do you have money for a down payment: Yes  No
  Have you incurred a bankruptcy or foreclosure in the last 3 years: Yes  No
  Best time to be reached for questions:


*There is no cost or obligation to use this service.



1. First rule in buying a Utah home is to be comfortable with what you are doing.  If something does not feel right then don't proceed.



Make sure you feel good with financing.  Understand the process and the terms of the loan. And most important make sure you are comfortable with the mortgage payment.  Even if you are qualified for more, it may not fit your budget.

3. Work with a Loan Officer that explains the process and gives you every option to buy a home in Utah.  Different homes and locations may work better with different loan options.
4. Work with a Utah Real Estate professional that explains the process of buying a home and what your rights are.  Make sure you feel good with your representation and that they are representing you.
5. Once you understand the financing and process, then start looking for homes.  Waiting to look at homes is much more fun when you know you have the financing and understand the process.

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